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The hardest part about any eviction is making sure all of the proper paperwork was completed satisfactorily ahead of time. There are essentially three possible deadlines for evicting people in the state of Wisconsin: the 28-day deadline, 14-day deadline, and the 5-day deadline. Each of these deadlines has its own unique properties, uses and stumbling blocks. Chapter 704 of the Wisconsin Statutes deals with this issue as well as many other issues in evictions. Although evictions sound like they should be done fairly simply, there are many places to stub your toe and make mistakes. My firm has been hired on many occasions to clean up eviction actions, which the landlord unknowingly sabotaged by making mistakes.

Overall, one of the most important eviction concepts is that, in the state of Wisconsin, it takes longer than you would hope. If a person is one day late in their rent, you have no right to simply start throwing their property on the street and changing locks. I have seen landlords go way overboard in many respects, including the following: throwing furniture and electrical items out in the snow, selling some items to pay for back rent, changing the locks without permission, turning off the heat or electricity without permission, providing less than Statutory deadline for moving out, providing punitive measures within a lease that no Judge would enforce.

Overall, before undertaking an eviction, you should consult an attorney to make sure it is done right. My law firm generally will complete an entire eviction for less than one months rent on the apartment. Exceptions exist, but this is our goal in every eviction that we do.

The eviction laws in Wisconsin are not user friendly, and they can often be riddled with mistakes that may or may not come to light when the issue comes to Court. If you do this on your own, there is certainly a possibility that everything will work out for you. However, consulting a lawyer will increase those odds dramatically, if not completely.

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