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Being injured in some way, whether from an accident or by other means, is one of the most frustrating and frightful experiences anyone can face.  You've seen the ads, disfigured people facing a pile of bills that they cannot pay.  For most people, it is not that melodramatic.  Instead, it is the daily misery of pain you did not have before, the limitations on your daily activities, the realization that you have aged too quickly, and the uncertainty of wondering when it all will get better.

Several years ago I represented a strong, tough young man who was rear-ended on a highway.  When he began to describe seeing the other speeding car in his rearview mirror, the tears began to gush forth.   His emotions only became worse while describing how he couldn't pick up his baby boy without tremendous effort, how his physical job was becoming too much for him, and how he woke up several times a night with pain in his lower back.

When this young man told me that the offer from the other driver's insurance company would barely cover his medical bills, his sorrow turned to red-faced rage.  Thnakfully, he was satisfied a year later when the majority of his health problems cleared up, his bills got paid, and  he had more than $10,000, tax free, in his pocket.

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